Team Gorman

Expedition Crew Members

The boat owner, as typical, will provide his motorist — who cares for the engine — and one or two helmsmen, to do the majority of the time at the wheel. Additionally we will have:

Peter Gorman

- Captain, trip coordinator, helmsman, he will see to securing boat, supplies, paperwork necessary for travel on the Javari. He will also record the trip as it unfolds and be in charge of medicinal plant collection if that occurs.

Juan Del Castillo Ramirez

- Another longtime associate of Peter Gorman, Ruber speaks several dialects of the indigenous living on the river and will be invaluable in collecting information.

Leydi Barrera Del Castillo

- Longtime associate of Peter Gorman, she will run the kitchen and pantry.

Sidalith Barrera Navarro

- Leydi’s daughter, she will assist in the preparation of food and kitchen/pantry maintenance.

Ruber Maytuhuari Del Castillo

- Still another longtime friend and associate of Peter Gorman’s, he will help coordinate supplies at the front end of the trip, and will be the point man between Peter Gorman and those donors who contribute enough to take the boat with the crew as far as Leticia, Colombia, after which he will be charged with getting those donors back to Iquitos and seeing to their accommodations and needs there.

Jherman Macedo Barrera

- Peter Gorman has known Jherman since he was just weeks old. He is a trusted hand at anything needed, an all-around cheerful workhorse who will fish daily to secure fresh food for his mother, Leydi, to cook, can repair the engine if the motorist needs a hand, and will be the primary driver on secondary speed boat and tertiary peque-peque.

Matthew Haddock

- Longtime friend of Peter Gorman, with considerable experience in the jungle, he will film footage of the trip and run the two-drone operation that will allow us to film as deeply as a mile into the jungle on either side of the Javari.

Devon Wright

- Longtime friend and student of Peter Gorman’s, he will oversee the use of fuel, food, equipment to make certain we purchase supplies as needed, when possible, as well as be responsible for double checking all supply needs with Gorman.
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